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Where can I find product downloads, hotfixes, service packs, and my email subscription settings?
Relates to: Documentation
Where is the support handbook?
Relates to: Documentation
AAA is compatible with SQL 2012/2016 Always On Availabilty Group feature
Relates to: 4TRESS AAA
Update A SSL Certificate Signed by a CA of your choice
Relates to: ActivID Appliance (Virtual) ActivID Appliance (Hardware)
What is the technical support contact information?
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Some 32bit applications could have some unexpected behaviours on x64 Windows 7 platform.
Relates to: 4TRESS AAA Express 4TRESS AAA
As the user is authenticated by the server, in the same way the server could be authenticated by the user
Relates to: 4TRESS AAA 4TRESS AAA Express
After installing the WHD, cannot logon to the WHD page: "cannot display page" error message.
Relates to: 4TRESS AAA Express 4TRESS AAA
AAA Admin Console supports Windows 10 x64
Relates to: 4TRESS AAA
This article explains how to Create Multiple Instances of Smart Data Bridge on the Same Machine
Relates to: Smart Data Bridge (SDB)
Excel 2013 does not work with SSO enabled
Relates to: SecureLogin (SSO)
By design AAA requires the Admin database (ActivPackAdmin) to be available to register devices.
Relates to: 4TRESS AAA
To avoid a user signing in twice, you can activate a cache.
Relates to: 4TRESS AAA Express 4TRESS AAA
How to configure Challenge/Response OTP length for HID Approve
Relates to: ActivID Authentication Server ActivID Appliance (Hardware)
ActivClient 7.0.2 officially supports Windows 10, with restrictions ActivClient 7.1 supports Windows 10 ActivClient does NOT support Windows 10 IoT (due to unsupported processor)
Relates to: ActivClient ActivClient CAC
Restoring a backup file on ActivID Appliance
Relates to: ActivID Appliance (Hardware) ActivID Appliance (Virtual)